Q: How long does it take for a Personalized name?
A: Personalized names usually take between 4-6 weeks. Please understand that this is a HANDMADE design from start to finish. Bon Bon Decor does all the work from cutting the material, sand it, prime it and finally start working on the theme you have picked.

Q: Why I cannot see an specific Picture Frame I saw at the MARKET, BAZAAR or Show?
A:  Bon Bon Decor has a collection of picture frames that are UNIQUE. These are selected to be at those shows and ONLY available to those customers. Bon Bon Decor does not take pictures or keep color palette for these particular ones.
As we want our physical customers to take something UNIQUE for them to keep.

Q: Where Bon Bon Decor is located?
A: Bon Bon Decor is located in Springfield, Virginia.
We deliver with in the USA.

Q: Do you accept check?
A: Yes, we do!. We love to receive mail so if you would like to send us a check as payment. Please email us and once we have establish your order. we will mail you our address.

For security reasons we are not putting our address here.