Picture Frame: Best MAMA

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Picture Frame: Best MAMA


• Theme: Owl
• Colors: Pastel colors (All acrylics), Matte finish.

• Description: (Click on image for a larger view). 

Each PICTURE FRAME is uniquely designed. This particular design is ideal for MOM. A gift to decor office, house, room, etc.

• Each picture frame  is approximate 6" Tall by 9" Wide.

• Our designs are unique and are made with extra care to guarantee your satisfaction.

• Our Picture frames are safe and securely packed to prevent shipping damage. All shipments are via USPS from Springfield, Virginia

• You saw a picture frame at one of our shows and cannot see it here? That is because, Bon Bon Decor has selected a collections only to sell at shows and those will not be sold online. We only make ONE picture frame per design as we want you to buy an Original Piece of ART WORK.

• Picture frame comes with back stand and glass cover.

• If you have a question please let us know by completing our online form http://www.bonbondecor.com/contact/

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We also send Designs in a GIFT BOX for $10.00